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Self-Rescue and Problem Solving 

99% of the time it all goes fine and you get back down for tea and medals.  However, there is that 1% of the time where it doesn't go to plan.  Maybe your partner can't second you up the 3rd pitch of a 5 pitch climb.  May be your partner gets there foot stuck in a crack and can't get it out.  Maybe your partner gets hurt and you need to get to them.  

This course will teach you the skills to have in your "Tool Kit" to get you and your partner out of trouble.  We'll also spend quite a bit of time on prevention and how through good hazard awareness you can get ahead of the game and not get into trouble in the first place.

Skills coverd on this course will include;

  • Tying off the belay plate

  • Escaping the System

  • Assisted Hoists

  • Un-Assisted Hoists

  • Retreat and escape

  • Climbing up a fixed rope

  • Specialist Equipment


  • 1 Day - £230 per person

  • 2 Day - £230 per person

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